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Nike Running-schoenen voor heren kopen voor de 2019-replica

Recently, the release of new running shoes will be greeted by hyperbolic PR fanfare, promising to run all three faster, longer, more comfortable or at the same time.

But sometimes, shoes endure hype. Adidas Boost trainer rarely had Kenyan runner Dennis Kimetto helped to break the official marathon world record in 2014, but in May last year his colleague Eliud Kipchoge took  fake nike shoe new Vaporfly Elite shoes I was surprised 2 hours 25 seconds using it. 200 pound trainer

Last year’s academic research appeared to give it reliability, but discussion on  buy nike shoe argument that shoes would increase runner’s economy by 4% continues. However, the shoe company certainly will continue to place emphasis on speed and comfort, but another trend is emerging: durability. This will be the music for the ear of the recreational runner who noticed the price rise at the top end of the running shoe market.

While the US giant is certainly working on the latest Super Speed ​​Shoes iteration, its latest launch – React, obviously today – goes back to basics – or at least with the appeal of the mass market and the recreation of more wallets price. “The Zoom series, which is part of Vaporfly Elite, aims to improve the feel and speed of the runner,” says Bret Schoolmeester, senior director of global running shoes. “This is more adaptive and more democratic, it’s just wonderful, simple shoes, it targets people who want to run, the Swiss army shoes”
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The USP of React shoes is the format in which it is located. Most running shoes are constructed using midsole made of EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate). This material can be compressed into a rubbery form. However, material has limitations. To buffer EVA’s shoes (some runners) you must be soft, but too soft it will waste energy. (Adidas takes a different approach to maximize energy recovery and its own (and very popular) boosting technology uses TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane).

EVA tends to have a shorter lifetime than most runners think is desirable. After all, running shoes are not cheap: in RRP, pairs can easily cost more than 70 pounds. Running shoes using the latest knit upper technology and midsole technology – Fantasy if you wish – 95 pounds to 130 pounds is common. When you use such cash, you expect shoes to last longer, but I do not say how long it will last. Each runner produces a different wearing pattern, so even a thorough review can only present a guideline. Another thin gazelle that burns it for hundreds of miles in a set may emit more than 1000 things.

Copy nike shoe new shoes are mainly made of synthetic rubber. Schoolmeester combines the standard rubber elasticity with a soft, light feel.

And it is not just the two biggest names talking about energy in Europe. Brooks, which holds a 23% share in the US running shoe market, released Levitate’s new shoes at the end of last year, achieving 72% energy return and the best results in previous tests. Performance shoes of the same category. Adidas (9% market share worldwide) also states that the latest Ultra BOOST achieves “maximum energy return” within its own model.

Anyway, what is energy return? When the runner shoes hit the ground, it compresses the foam cushion and transmits energy to the shoe. As the foot rises again, the bubble expands and some of its energy returns to the runner. The more you come back, the shoes feel more “zippy” or elasticity. As bubbles degrade over the lifespan of shoes, runners are taking much more effort to recreate the same energy return.

However, Schoolmeester suggests that the actual proportion has little meaning. Even if gas and air are compressed from bubbles, technically 90% “return” is obtained. This means that 90% of the foam will be less. A better, elusive measurement is the time that people can wear shoes before the midsole feels “dead” – and most runners will know this feeling well. According to Schoolmeester of the new  fake nike shoe  model, testers are running 20% ​​more than previous shoes.

“People who earned 500 miles earn over 600 income,” he says. “But since we wanted to test with some elite athletes we did a blind test with [US Distance Runner] Galen Rupp, but we could not distinguish the difference. “

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